MING Password Spy

MING Password Spy 1

Spy password logger tool for network administrators

MING Password Spy is a valuable tool for collecting passwords from networks computers. It is the perfect tool for network administrators who need to collect the passwords of network users or for parents who wish to maintain control over their children's password protected accounts or files. This application should be used under your own responsibility, since MING Password Spy features may be punished as privacy invasion. Therefore, be sure you have the right to carry out these tasks. This tool not only captures passwords, it can also save usernames, and supports the POP3, FTP, SMTP, HTTP, and Telnet protocols. Fast installation and ease of use are the core features of this application. You will only need a few minutes to get this tool, which utilizes ARP poisoning features in order to get the job done, up and running. The MING Password Spy suite also includes the Ming Password Monitor for simpler tasks, an application which automatically logs different passwords by date, time and computer name. MING Password Spy is the perfect application for tracking the personal passwords of network users.